THIS IS US and IAMISIGO explore masquerading culture through the lens of self, duality and spirituality acknowledging that within oneself lies a mask seen or unseen. 

  • The collection takes inspiration from the uniforms of Mkpa society dance groups in Opobo Kingdom that accompany the main masquerade, Nwaotam. These dance groups while not masked themselves are believed to perform from a spiritual realm channeling their “otherness”.

The striking combination of Red, Blue, and Ivory pays tribute to the "Ofo na Ogu" and the "Iye Eke” dance groups. Red symbolizes vigor and strength, and is worn by Ofo na Ogu during their water-bound activities. Blue, on the other hand, holds a spiritual essence and is reserved for land-based rituals, according to a common myth. The colour “Indigo” derived naturally from the indigo plant locally known as “baba”, is thought to have spiritual qualities in itself and sits at the core of the collection in its various hues. 

  • The collection features IAMISIGO's signature patchwork style, merging seamlessly with THIS IS US' indigo-dyed Nigerian cotton with exposed seams showcasing both the intelligent construction and the beauty of the fabric. The cotton is dyed using traditional sustainable heritage techniques dating back to 1498 in the ancient Kofar Mata pits, showcasing a harmonious fusion of ancient craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Both IAMISIGO and THIS IS US share a passion for creative expression through textile and material exploration. Our distinctive artistic expressions are seamlessly translated into designs that embody the richness and diversity of Nigeria's cultural tapestry as seen through a contemporary urban lens.


Photographer: Wami Aluko
Film: Oroma Itegboje
Creative Direction & Styling: Bubu Ogisi
Models: Abisola Kareem,
Okasha Mustapha
Casting: Carina Tenewaa
Producer: Oroma Itegboje
Assistant Producer: Tushar Hathiramani

Special Thanks to Khalifa Yusuf