About us

We found THIS IS US™ with one simple desire, to show that Nigerian design can be of a really high quality that everyone here and abroad can be proud of. We design based on the context around us, seeking always to use local materials, talents and processes to create cool and functional design objects.

The Beginning

Our journey started with Funtua cotton, with us being really curious about Nigerian fabric that was indigenous and synonymous with our country but also that could be sustainably and professionally made here. The result is the most beautiful indigo dyed fabric that’s woven in Funtua, Katsina, and hand dyed in Kano at the centuries old Kofar Mata Dye pits.
We use Funtua to make our iconic “This is Funtua” tees, our uniform live/work wear of everyday basics, and a host of other objects born out of collaborations with fellow creatives, including bags, toys, fashion collections, upholstery and more.
But hand-dyed Funtua is only the beginning, our ethos keeps us curious about other possibilities for homegrown design.

The Future

We are interested in clay, plastics, wood, and other materials derived or sourced in Nigeria, and we are always looking for ways to combine these materials with existing (or contrived) design/ production talents and processes to create special objects that enrich all of our lives.

We can’t wait to share more with you.

Big Love.