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From the Walk with Us campaign with JOHNNIE WALKER, the DSKW TOTE BAG is a versatile piece to complete the collection; A collector's piece to add to your trove of totes, or the starting piece in your tote bag journey, the simple deep dark tote, features a bold design print with the mantra: "DON'T STOP KEEP WALKING". 

Hand dyed by master craftsmen at the centuries old Kofar Mata dye pits on Funtua cotton. 

Indigo lovers, beware! The darker the blue the deeper the bleed. 

Due to the shade of this bag, staining will occur when rubbed against light materials and on your skin. As usual, bleeding will stop after the first two washes.

No physical change is expected to the color of the garment. In the event of any staining, please wash with cold water and soap.



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